Lokalisatie (RU, EN, NL)

Specialised localisation & translation to and from Russian, English and Dutch

Russian-speaking markets are growing fast, Ru(ssian)net is booming but companies often face problems in adapting their products / information for the Russian-speaking audience. The problem lies not only in the necessity to translate all information, interfaces and content (as the most people over there don't speak foreign languages) to Russian but also in subtle differences in culture and mentality. Moreover the structure and language-constructions in Russian are not easily adaptable to the standard technical variable-based approaches for internationalisation.

We have experience with Russian => Dutch, Dutch => Russian, Russian => English and English => Russian internationalisation projects. Our specialists are native-speakers of these languages and have extensive online and technical background, ensuring that your project will not only be translated well but with the great attention to cultural nuances and specificity of the medium.

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