Torekes Website

Torekes is an experimental project by Netwerk Vlaanderen vzw, introducing social complementary currency ("Toreke") in context of one neighbourhood: Rabot-Blaisantvest in Ghent, Belgium.

Openadviser was engaged to build a user friendly website based on Drupal combined with easy to use content management and a custom back-end management system to keep track of transactions and participants using "Torekes".


  • Simple but modern design in line with existing folder style
  • Easy to use content management with a visual editor, simple picture and document management
  • Possibility to register participants, organizations and to publish activities
  • Display organizations and activities on a map
  • Possibility to enter and analyse complementary currency transactions
  • Export of some data to Excel for reporting and further analysis


Openadviser provided a full-cycle Drupal development services. Together with the project coordinator of Torekes we analysed and refined a list features which where required for the site. After initial analysis, data architecture plan and wireframes for the most important parts of the site were complete, two versions of design were created and we started to work on the technicalities of the system itself.

The site is based on Drupal 6 and has a considerably customized backend to provide the necessary ease of use and flexibility in content publishing (WYSIWYG-editor integration, set of standard image presets for automatic thumbnail handling and resizing, document and file attachments, a set of custom administrative views to facilitate management of participants, organizations and activities, automatic SEO-friendly URLs etc.) To insulate the site managers from the complexities of the system they provided only with access to features and settings they need for the day to day operations which results in much simpler and intuitive backend.

For better content categorization and filtering, separate content types are used for all types of information present on the site (blog posts, gifts, participants, activities, providers etc.) We also provided customized site-wide RSS-feed, FAQ  and organizations / activities overviews with Google Maps overlays.

To offer transaction registration abilities, transaction management and analysis, we used fantastic contributed module called mutual credit (the best Drupal solution for complementary currencies, time-banks and LETS-systems) in combination with some customisation and usability changes. Excel export is implemented for some data-sets and is based on Views Bonus Pack.

Netwerk Vlaanderen

The NGO Netwerk Vlaanderen promotes an environmentally and socially responsible approach to money, and strives for a just society.